A Piece of Architecture

Our Bottle

2005 Award-winners

Bottled Water World
Design Awards

We were awarded the Best Bottle in Glass Design Award at the Global Bottled Water Congress held in Dubai. Quotes from the press included;

“The best bottle in glass category aimed primarily at the Hotel and Restaurant Market was won by the striking UK based Elsenham Artesian Spring Water.”

“To have won this award at such a prestigious event was fantastic and the entire Elsenham Water team back in the UK were thrilled to hear the news. We feel it has come at a very important time and has given us a huge boost with our customers who have been congratulating us.

As our Artesian Spring water is very much at the premium end of the market, we clearly wanted a bottle design that could support such a position. That is why we made it our major investment. We also wanted a contemporary look and a very clean visual statement, which is why we co-ordinated the bottle and cap.”


Production & Bottling

Our team of experts fill from the borehole via see-through tanks into a ‘filler’ and ‘capper’ then see the bottles move on to conveyors where they are meticulously examined. Each bottling run requires exhaustive checking, testing and tasting procedures from our production team experts. Every bottle that leaves our bottling facility is hand polished and thoroughly examined for any imperfections.

In response to demand from the hospitality sector, Elsenham Water have been pleased to introduce a 375ml option to our bottled water range. The smaller 375ml bottle is a scaled replica of our larger 750ml bottle.


Sustainability Policy

At Elsenham Water our sustainability team are committed to protecting a sustainable resource. Our water is naturally filtered due to the large confined aquifer sitting 100 meters below ground. The borehole operates in an eco-friendly way which protects the centuries old aquifer, whilst allowing us to bottle at source. Our commitment to the aquifer extends to our environment which is why our glass bottles are 100% recyclable. From the beginning, we pledged to only bottle in a premium glass, helping to protect the environment by avoiding the use of harmful plastics. We use organic inks to print our brand directly onto each bottle removing the need for unnecessary single use films and plastics.

Whilst fully recyclable, the elegant glass bottle often enjoys an after-use in both art and as a decorative feature in its own right.

Today, whilst many well-established manufacturers face growing pressure to reduce their use of harmful plastics and materials, Elsenham Artesian Spring Water remains proud of the eco-friendly operation it has had in place since its inception, nearly two decades ago.

Patented Designs

Protected Brand

Our unique bottle design is as much a part of our success as the quality of the water itself. Designed specifically to represent and reinforce the purity of the water, we took the important steps of protecting its design by securing Trade Marks on both the glass bottle and the cap.